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              Tension Fabric Banner Stands

              TV Tablet Literature Tension Fabric Display Stand


              Vertical Curved Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Curved Out Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Curved In Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Flat & Stylist Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Curved & Stylist Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Curved Top - Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Angled Top - Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Straight Top - Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              Revolutionary tension fabric banner stands take your promotional campaign to a whole new level

              Take your printed promotional displays to the next level by adding a layer of dimensionality and pizzazz with our spectacular and stunning line of tension fabric banner stands. Stretch fabric banner stands are the newest development in the evolution of trade show display technology and are a must-have if you are looking to make a long-lasting impact on the trade show attendees. At Locus, we specialize in providing custom printed tension fabric banner stands at cost-effective prices in the fastest possible time. Our banner stands are unique, light-weight, stylish and easy to set up – perfect for marketing your business, as well as products and services, at tradeshows, road shows, conventions and other promotional events.

              By ordering a custom printed double sided dye sublimated fabric graphic stand from Locus Displays, your business can enjoy maximum publicity at any promotional event regardless of the competition. At Locus Displays, we have access to state of the art graphic design technology which enables us to custom print graphics on fabric flawlessly. Our graphics are clear, crisp, vibrant, sharp and dynamic. We believe quality graphics display is crucial for promotional success as it: Helps grab the attention of the crowd, Increases readability, Looks visually appealing, Helps attract people to the exhibit booth, Helps display your brand flawlessly. We use the highest quality wrinkle-resistant stretch materials to ensure the printed design remains intact, offers a clean and professional look and more importantly, smoothly glides and slides over the frame, hugging it tightly. With us, you get a light-weight fabric banner stand which is easy to carry. It can be safely transported without any hassle, in a soft molded bag which we offer with all our banner stands. Unlike traditional and old vinyl banner stands, it is easy to set up and dismantle. It hardly takes 5 minutes to assemble and install.

              We strive to provide our clients with innovative display solutions that are both visually appealing and functional. To make banner stands highly functional for trade shows, we also offer add on features like Plexiglass shelving, catalog holders and a LED lighting kit. The LED lighting kit is excellent in making your message on the banner pop up, especially when the event is being hosted in outdoor settings at night, while the catalog holders are great for attendees to grab a catalog and go through it while you are busy dealing with other customers. Easy access to catalogs keeps attendees engaged, helps them learn more about your business, and increases your chances of converting them into actual buyers. Maximize your brand promotion and proliferate your chances of attracting potential customers at the next promotional event by using tension fabric banner stands from us for brand message displays.

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