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              Banner Stands

              Economy Roll Up 33" Retractable Banner Stand


              TV Tablet Literature Tension Fabric Display Stand


              Deluxe X - Banner Stand


              Economy X - Banner Stand


              Double-sided Economy Roll Up - Retractable Banner Stand


              Luxury Roll Up - Retractable Banner Stand


              Slim Roll Up - Retractable Banner Stand


              Economy Roll Up 24" - 48" Retractable Banner Stand


              Vertical Curved Tension Fabric Banner Stand


              We offers a wide range of lightweight, affordable and innovative banner stands

              Locus offers a wide range of affordable fabric banner stands that showcase your message at any event in an instant! With a sturdy aluminum base and fibreglass poles, our banner stands offer lasting results for all your trade show exhibitions and can easily be packed up, stored, transported and subsequently reused. For all your trade show exhibitions, trade show banner requirements, marketing events and presentations, our trade show banner stands deliver maximum publicity with an easy-to-install structure. You can easily set up a high quality tension fabric banner on a retractable banner stand and experiment with innovation through our pull up banner stands. Our double-sided banner stands allow you to set up banners on both sides and maximize your brand name, among all your competitors. In addition to tension fabric, we offer vinyl banner stands that legibly display your brand name in a conspicuous manner, keeping even the most reluctant trade show attendees, glued to your trade show booth.

              Locus amazing banner stands provide you with an economical, efficient and highly innovative way to advertise your own or your company's message. Perfect for any occasion, our high quality banner stands are offered in different sizes, shapes, designs and other specifications. Not only can you find a banner stand within your budget that satisfies your marketing needs, but you can also benefit from a custom-made banner stand. In addition, the adjustable heights of banner stands can be recalibrated to hold banners up to 7” in length. All of our banner stands are easy to install and require minimal time to set up. We offer a hard plastic case with all our banner stands for durability and easy transportability purposes. The case can easily hold from 24” to 60” wide banner stands. After the show, both the banner and the banner stand; can easily be dismantled, rolled up, and transported from one location to another; or stored up for safekeeping. Some of the stands also offer an additional graphite rod for better support and stability, without compromising on their lightweight factor.

              With our banner stands, you can also avail high quality tension fabrics that can be dye sublimed to meet your needs. A customized tension fabric or vinyl banner, Velcro-fitted or zipped shut, over an aluminum-base banner stand is the ultimate marketing strategy that guarantees the best results within the shortest course of time. Branding your business and making a statement has never been this easy!

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