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                  Trade Show & Exhibition Counter and Shelf

                  Triangular Tension Fabric Display Shelf


                  Rounded Tension Fabric Display Shelf


                  Oval Tension Fabric Display Shelf


                  Square Tension Fabric Display Shelf


                  Triangular Tension Fabric Display Counter


                  Rounded Tension Fabric Display Counter


                  Oval Tension Fabric Display Counter


                  Square Tension Fabric Display Counter


                  Our tension fabric display counter and shelve are portable podiums for trade shows, events, and more.

                  What makes a tradeshow or an event different from the others? Let us answer that; it’s how you incorporate each and every element of the tradeshow to compliment your business culture. That includes the portable fixtures and equipment that you are going to use. As such, one of the easiest ways to boost engagement in your tradeshows is through fabric countertops and fabric shelves. Tension fabric display counters and shelves allow you to connect with potential clients in a more attractive manner. From this vantage point, it becomes incredibly easy to distribute your promotional pamphlets, flyers, and brochures to potential customers in tradeshows. You also get the chance to highlight your products and interact with potential customers using this podium as a customer service tool. With a custom printed tension fabric display spread over the table, you can even market interactive products of all types and get more attention of the passersby, encouraging them to try out your products. Furthermore, being this close to the people walking past your booth, you can even supply them with drinks and snacks to boost their mood!

                  At Locus, we serve you with an impressive range of tension fabric display counter and tension fabric display shelves that can offer flexibility beyond imagination. Available in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes, our podiums are easily changeable to tradeshow counters and shelves for added versatility. They may take up a little space but offer you a unique proposition for business transactions and promotional activities. The knockdown design of our lightweight fabric display counters and shelves allow you to carry them with ease just about anywhere. Why to opt for fabric display counter and shelf? If this question is in your mind too, let us clarify. Fabric attachments allow you to present your offerings in the most unique way possible with bright colors and designs. They give you outstanding graphics that you can leverage on, to promote your business and offerings, or to boost loyalty and investment prospects. You can use them as retail store fabric display shelving to promote a new line of products or to spread the word about a sale on existing ones.

                  The dye sublimation printed fabric accounts for clean and clear graphics that help you create a professional look. From plexiglass shelving to tradeshow display shelving, you can rest assure that our tension fabric display shelves are the right choice for your business needs! So browse our exclusive range of tension fabric display counters and shelves and make them your own with your corporate designs. In case you still haven’t been able to make up your mind, our displays are made from high grade materials, so the last thing you’ll have to worry about with our tension fabric displays is durability and unexpected breakdowns.

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