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              Tabletop Tension Fabric Displays

              8ft 3x2 Pop Up Fabric Table Top Display


              5ft 2x2 Pop Up Fabric Table Top Display


              Horizontal Curved 8ft - Table Top Tension Fabric Display


              Vertical Curved 5ft - Table Top Tension Fabric Display


              Horizontal Curved 6ft - Table Top Tension Fabric Display


              Straight 5ft - Table Top Tension Fabric Display


              30" x 42" - Cocktail Table Throw


              Stretch - Round Fabric Table Throw


              Fitted - Round Fabric Table Throw


              Tabletop displays showcases your brand to even the remotest backbenchers and passersby

              When it comes to enhancing your trade show displays and booths, you wouldn’t want to leave anything up to chance. Maximizing publicity, attracting customers and viewers, maintaining quality, adding innovation and saving up on advertisement budget are some of the many factors that businesses think about. And Locus Displays has an all-in-one solution for all your needs. Our Popup Tabletop Tension Fabric Displays offer a wide variety of customized and tailor-made solutions for all your tabletop exhibit displays. You can opt for a professional look through our 5ft tabletop popup displays, and if you need a fabric table popup with bigger and better brand display, then check out our 8ft table popup displays. While your competitors are likely to use a cardboard fixture of a solid fabric banner, your tension fabric tabletop displays will stand out in terms of quality, innovation and aesthetic appeal.

              Using high quality dye sublimation, you can easily print vivid and vibrant colors, graphics and textures across the fabric. Their easy-to-assemble frame allows you to spend more time in engaging with your customers at exhibitions, instead of wasting time in putting up and removing the fabric displays. Available in different sizes and shapes, these tabletop displays at trade shows can be used for a variety of purposes. Be it a marketing event, a conference, workshop, sales promotion exhibition or even your indoor office reception, a high quality tension fabric immersed in a bright color combination, leaves your customers in a state of awe. For a staged event, the table top can be wrapped around a standard 5ft or 8ft table. Placed on a stage or a podium, the tabletop showcases your brand and message to even the remotest backbenchers and passersby.

              When used at a registration table, you need not call people to sign up for your company’s contact list. Just sit back and let the tabletop do the talking! Most of these popup tabletop displays comprise of a fine and lightweight aluminium frame that stretches the tension fabric across the base to create a mural-like wall. It can be used as a podium at trade shows as well. The easy-to-install and dismantle feature makes it a budget-friendly portable display system. Easily washable, the tabletop fabric can be reused at any subsequent event and exhibition, as well as stored and transported easily. Enticing your customers has never been this fun and profitable, than with Locus; your preferred and trusted tabletop displays’ retail store.

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