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            Trade Show & Exhibition Combo Booths

            207 - 20ft Booth Combo


            206 - 20ft Booth Combo


            205 - 20ft Booth Combo


            204 - 20ft Booth Combo


            203 - 20ft Booth Combo


            202 - 20ft Booth Combo


            201 - 20ft Booth Combo


            111 - 10ft Booth Combo


            103 - 10ft Booth Combo


            Tension Fabric Combo Booths offer a unique combination of innovation, economy and high quality

            These combo booths for trade shows are spacious, with up to 20” in height. By assembling each and every piece right at the event venue, our booths offer a unified branding look for your display. With a high quality dye sublimed tension fabric fitted over a lightweight aluminum frame, the Mix & Match Booth can be customized to add a finishing touch to your combo tension fabric display backwall and curved pop tension fabric display backwall. We offer a large collection of all trade show kits and podiums. Most of our pre-designed kits and booths are tailor-made to suit your trade show needs. Hence, there is no need for you to spend time and money on designing a custom combo fabric popup exhibit when the solution lies within a pre-designed one! You can choose from our 10ft. mix and match display walls or even our 20ft. mix and match display walls.

            The easy-to-install booth may just be the answer to all your advertising and branding needs at trade show exhibits. If you have a backwall in mind, then check out our collection and you’re sure to find a matching booth in our inventory. The booth is designed to meet all your needs. A high quality tension fabric, dye sublimed into a color and design of your liking, is zipped over a base aluminum structure. This offers a smooth finishing touch to your combo popup fabric wall. With multiple add-ons and design specifications to choose from, you can customize the booth to suit your business needs.

            The banner stand on the booth can easily compress and extend, allowing for easy setup and dismantling, without any technical requirements. The tension fabric or vinyl can also be Velcro-fitted onto the base. The overall structure is lightweight and portable, and can easily be shipped from one location to another. Locus offers an additional hard case with the purchase of all Mix & Match Booths for easy storage and transportation. The Mix & Match Booth also offers a wide array of color combinations and contrasts to choose from. The tension fabric is machine washable and can easily be reused at other events. Add this versatile to your custom combo popup display wall, and you’ve devised a successful marketing and branding strategy at the lowest cost!

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