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With our attention to detail and uniqueness our convention banners, signs and stands have stood out in sheer size, innovative design and aesthetic appeal. We work with tension fabric backwalls, pop-up displays and stand up or pop-up booths for trade shows. At Locus Print our commitment to our clients guarantees the best marketing tools in Canada at the most reasonable prices.

Why Choose Locus?

At Locus Print we offer tailor-made all-in-one marketing solutions to businesses and brands from a variety of industries. We specifically cater to a variety of large and small scale businesses and individual customers. We are not just a typical retailer! We offer variety, affordable prices, beautiful displays and we are available at your convenience. This ensures a customer satisfaction guarantee each and every time you choose us!


Locus offers the widest product diversity. At our shop you are most likely to find some of the best selling accessories and add-ons, as well as the most popular trade show display designs.


Locus Print is known for having affordable prices. We offer easy payments and shipments that you can rely on to be there well in advance of the event deadline. We also have an online portal in which you can shop for, select and take advantage of massive discounts on any of our products.

Easy, Fun Displays!

If you already have an idea for a convention banner display, let us know and we will have it ready on time! If you are looking for custom exhibit booths, we have a large selection of portable display booths for you to choose from. Alternatively, if you need matching or contrasting display booth backdrops, then our tension fabric backwalls will fulfill your needs.


We are here to help design and set up the ideal trade show display that brings all event attendees to your area and keeps them intrigued by your display. Wherever you are, if your need emergency help with a trade show display, call us today and we will be there right away!

So are you looking for the perfect display for your event? Locus Print has the widest variety and the most reliable service in the area! Don’t miss out give us a call today and we will provide you the display you need well in advance of your event! At Locus we reduce the stress and hassle in your life with good service and beautifully designed displays!

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