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                  Tension Fabric Hanging Signs

                  Football - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Windmill - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Retangle - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Spinral - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Circle Layered - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Circle Cone - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Circle - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Square Arc - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Square Curved - Hanging Tension Fabric Ceiling Banner


                  Your custom printed and shapes tension fabric ceiling banners for compelling marketing displays

                  Maximize the return on your marketing investment with high-impact and jaw-dropping custom printed, unique and vibrant trade show ceiling banners from Locus Displays. By hanging a stylish fabric ceiling banner designed by us, you can easily create a compelling marketing display and attract attendees from a distance, to your exhibit. A hanging tension fabric sign offers a plethora of benefits such as: Optimum visibility to your marketing message, Customers can locate your booth from much greater distances, Make your exhibit look larger than life, Give your company a leg-up over the other exhibitors, High visual impact, Draw attention of the crowd easily, Compliment your overall exhibit design.

                  At Locus, we offer you a large variety of fabric ceiling banners in different shapes and sizes, all made from extruded aluminum. Options include but are not limited to windmill hanging signs, triangle hanging signs, rectangle hanging signs, football hanging signs, spiral hanging signs and circle hanging signs. Once you select your trade hanging sign shape and size, you can get it custom printed from us. The pillowcase graphics on hanging signs are dye-sublimated in bright and vibrant full-color, carefully onto knit polyester, to provide eye-pleasing and stunning displays to your exhibit area. Tension fabric ceiling banners are great advertising tools at tradeshows, exhibitions and conventions. Using these spectacular and vibrant banners, you can effectively promote your business and simultaneously reinforce brand awareness. Besides this, hanging banners also act as a constant reminder of your exhibit location within the arena for customers, as well as informing visitors regarding what products and services your business has to offer.

                  If you are worried about the installation of these trade show ceiling banners, then say goodbye to your worries. Our custom graphics’ ceiling banners feature collapsible aluminum frame. Using poles with snap-button production, you can quickly install and assemble these displays in the matter of minutes and more importantly, installation is so simple that you don’t require any technical expertise. It uses eye-hooks and screws to firmly hold all the snap poles in place. These displays feature carabiners and wire, which help mount them securely and safely from overhead while the elastic bands prevent the poles from moving. So, what are you waiting for! Advertise your brand with a difference and a winning edge, by hanging our stylish, eye-catching and custom printed tension fabric ceiling banners at your next exhibit.

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