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            Trade Show & Exhibition Stretch Fabric Backwall

            Double Curved 20ft - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Straight 8ft - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Horizontal Curved 8ft - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Straight 10ft - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Horizontal Curved 10ft - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Custom Tilt Straight - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Custom Slope Arc - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Custom Arc - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Custom Layered Straight - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Setting up your custom designed, high-resolution and attention-grabbing stretch fabric backwalls

            Wow your target audience at the upcoming trade show or promotional function by using a high resolution stretch fabric backwall from Locus. We provide businesses and individuals with a large variety of innovative, stylish and impactful stretch fabric display backwalls at cost-effective prices, tailored according to your promotional needs and preferences. With so many industry players participating at the convention, it’s not easy to attract attendees to your stall. But oversized and visually-appealing fabric display backwalls that are visible from a distance can give your business a winning edge over the competition and attract people to your stall. And this is what you can be confident of when you get fabric display backwalls from us.

            Recognized for innovation and design excellence, we can provide you with backwalls that generate excitement and buzz. From 10ft stretch fabric backwall and 20ft stretch fabric backwall to horizontal curved stretch fabric display backwall, as well as double curved, vertical curved and S curved stretch fabric display backwall; we offer all kinds of exhibit display backwalls to help you create a unique look for your presentation area in no time. We use high quality and dye-sublimation printing technology to ensure the printed content and graphics on the fabric are crisp, sharp and clear. We believe that high-resolution displays on promotional materials like backwalls are crucial for promotional success. Quality displays offer a plethora of benefits such as: It helps make your business message pop up, Gives a professional look, Makes a good and a long-lasting impression on your audience, thereby, helping you achieve the primary goal of participating in a trade fair.

            Our stretch fabric displays are durable, portable and lightweight. The fabric can be easily folded to a fraction of its full size. So, it is extremely easy for you to transport it from one location to another and set it up in a few minutes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about carrying huge curved fabric backwalls to the event venue and wil not require any technical expertise to set up or dismantle the stretch fabric backwalls after the event. Browse through our wide range of stylish stretch fabric exhibition display backwalls and get ready to enjoy maximum publicity at the upcoming event.

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