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            Trade Show & Exhibition Popup Fabric Display

            303 - Pop Up Booth Combo


            Pop Up Curved 10ft (4x3) - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Pop Up Curved 8ft (3x3) - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Pop Up Straight 10ft (4x3) - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            Pop Up Straight 8ft (3x3) - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


            304 - Pop Up Booth Combo


            302 - Pop Up Booth Combo


            301 - Pop Up Booth Combo


            Popup fabric display backwall are the perfect solution for setting up your trade show display

            Take charge at all trade show exhibitions this season with Locus Displays’ reliable and sturdy popup fabric display backwall. Whether you’re in need of an 8ft, 10ft or 20ft pop display wall. The popup fabric backwall is assembled by matching each and every piece together using experts in the field. This provides a unified brand feeling with maximum impact on customers and event attendees. With this popular brand of popup display for tradeshows, you can easily eliminate all the guesswork as to what will fit within a defined space and which trade booth is expected to go with it.

            We offer a wide variety of fabric popup exhibits. You can easily browse through our collection and decide which of our pre-configured backwall will save you both time and space, without the need for you to drain your resources into designing a specific backwall for yourself. With an easy-to-install and use design, our popup display wall provides the perfect blend of quality, durability and affordability. Showcasing your business logo, personal calling card, product, service or any other aspect has never been this easy, effective and efficient. Locus Displays combines professionalism with an artistic touch in all their products and the backwall is no exception. Our patent straight popup tension fabric display backwall offers professionalism and an aesthetic appeal for your brand. The curved popup tension fabric backwall has a concave panel with a slanted top that makes your brand stand out among all the competitors.

            The display backwall allows you to create your own custom designs, graphics, logos, pictures and texts using high quality dye sublimation. The material is washable and can be reused at any other marketing or sales event and tradeshow exhibit. Our custom printing enables you to create a lasting backwall with customized graphics at an affordable price tag. Constructed from a lightweight and durable aluminum base, the backwall can easily extend and compress like an accordion for an efficient assembly. Combine the base with tension fabric banner with vibrant colors, crisp graphics, LED lights and a screen, and you have a lasting backwall, even for your office reception. The printed fabric banner is then Velcro-fitted onto the aluminum base and the resulting backwall can be stored, transported and shipped without any damage or deterioration. In addition, we offer a plastic hard case for you to carry the backwall after dismantling it.

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