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              Pop out outdoor signs offer limitless opportunities for marketing and brand management this season!

              If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to gain prominence at events and exhibitions, then look no further. Locus Displays’ Pop Out Outdoor Signs offer maximum publicity at a very affordable cost. Our patent horizontal outdoor signs make your message prominent, whereas vertical outdoor signs add professionalism, and circle and triangle outdoor signs give your display an artistic touch of perfection. These unique signs are tailor-made to stand the test of time. A high quality tension fabric embossed over a sturdy aluminum frame prevents the structure from collapsing and keeps it safe from wear and tear. Through dye sublimation, you can customize text, graphics and other designs to your liking. These double-sided print outdoor signs also offer dual sides for sublimation, allowing you to promote your brand and experiment with creativity simultaneously.

              When it comes to making an impact on event attendees, you can use our tower outdoor signs. In addition to their innovative structure and artistic appeal, this popular and trendy outdoor signage is lightweight, easy to install, durable and can easily be dismantled, packed away and transported. Velcro-fitting enables the tension fabric to adhere to the base structure. Even in strong wind, rain, snow or any other weather condition, your fabric stays in its place and does not tear easily. For added support and stability, all our event outdoor signs are customizable with sand or water-filled weight bases. These allow your tension fabric to pop out when required and fold back easily into the base, while remaining intact and in position throughout the show.

              Our outdoor signs are also compatible with flags, flagpoles and literature dispensers. This allows you to setup a multi-purpose outdoor exhibition display that combines the best of aesthetic appeal with lightweight options and improved durability. Whether they are used for a tradeshow display, sales exhibition, job fare, educational event, recruitment center, exposition or even a simple presentation, our outdoor displays take advertising to a whole new level – with a series of budget-friendly solutions. We offer a complete collection of customized and stock signs that sway to and fro beautifully in the breeze and advertise your brand to every passerby and potential customer. In addition, we offer a hard plastic case for storing and transporting the structure. This is offered with a premium trolley bag in which you can fold and store your banner with ease. As the summers approach, your outdoor displays will become impossible to ignore with Locus.

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