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              Custom Trade Show & Exhibition Stretch Fabric Backwall

              Custom Tilt Straight - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


              Custom Slope Arc - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


              Custom Arc - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


              Custom Layered Straight - Tension Fabric Display Backwall


              Set up a high-quality custom stretch fabric backwall display well within budget.

              Locus Displays combines versatility and portability with value for money in designing a lightweight and durable custom stretch fabric backwall. The backwall allows users to set up a high-quality popup display well within their budget. The custom 10ft stretch fabric backwall is offered in both, straight and curved designs. Paired up with a high quality tension fabric booth, the set can be used in all trade show exhibits, career fair exhibitions, presentations, sales promotions or even at the office reception as a marketing gimmick. For all your custom trade show displays, the stretch fabric backwall offers a large backdrop against your custom stretch fabric booths and custom tradeshow booths. The backwall comes with multiple panels that allow a number of similar or contrasting tension fabrics to be fitted together. Their conclave design and curvaceous top provide a unique touch and an aesthetic appeal to your display.

              Both the straight and curved backwall offer unmatched versatility. The straight backwall gives a professional and a polished overall look while the curved backwall provides a near 3D effect and visual depth that has a unique charm. The custom shaped tension fabric backwall has matte laminated panels that are easy to set up. The 10ft length allows you to maximize your brand marketing and use banners with the maximum height and width. Locus Displays offers a number of high quality LED lights that can be paired up with the backwall, as well as a hard plastic case that allows you to store and transport the backwall after the event. The material is durable and easy to install and can be reused at any other marketing event or trade show exhibit.

              Our high quality materials give users the flexibility to create custom tension fabrics, using dye sublimation. Be it a color combination, a message, a logo, graphics or text, our custom designed stretch fabric backwall is the one-in-all solution for all your custom trade show displays in Toronto. The dye sublimed fabric can easily be Velcro-fitted or zipped shut over the backwall. Its aluminum base and aerodynamic design prevent it from swaying or tripping over, adding more to its tensile strength and durability. This backwall from Locus Displays is an innovative, affordable and highly customizable branding tool for all your significant business and marketing events, exhibitions and other key events. Despite its sheer size, the backwall is lightweight and can be paired up with a number of add-ons.

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