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              Advertising Banner Flag

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              Teardrop - Advertising Banner Flag


              High quality outdoor advertising tool offers greater versatility, long-life and durability

              For any business, a successful marketing and branding strategy depends upon captivating and unique outdoor display signs. These include outdoor banner flags, outdoor banners and outdoor banner display stands. Our patent banner flags for the outdoors, last all-year round and give businesses the much-needed boost in all their marketing campaigns. The all-weather banner flags are designed to withstand the extremities of the temperature, without significant discoloration and wear and tear – making them ideal for both summer and winter outdoor business promotional activities. Using our high quality outdoor banner fabric and double-sided print, you can easily dye sublime any colors, graphics, texts and pictures of your choice. A bright colored business logo printed in a legible manner offers your business the attention that it deserves at any event.

              Locus offers a wide variety of different outdoor banner stands custom-made to serve your outdoor banner displays. The stands are durable, lightweight, easy-to-install and can easily be stored and transported from one location to another. With their sturdy frame and added stability, your outdoor flags and banners are prevented from uncontrollable swaying, flying away and falling off. With our amazing and diverse collection of outdoor banners and flags and high quality outdoor banner printing feature, you can easily reach out to a wider audience base at the lowest of costs. Allow your custom message to reach a wider audience with Locus Displays’ impressive and durable outdoor banner displays! At Locus, we believe in lasting solutions over one-off events. We strive to deliver trade show and marketing accessories that withstand the test of time. We use a combination of waterproof solvent inks using digital printing. This ensures that your outdoor banners and flags remain prominent and visible, regardless of the excessive sunlight, rain or pollution outdoors.

              Portable, lightweight and offered with different poster replacements for upgrading the graphics, Locus Displays offers limitless marketing and branding innovations and opportunities for all businesses alike. Offered in feather, teardrop, triangular and several other shapes, our flags are well-equipped to suit the needs of any individual and/or business. We also offer businesses to choose from a variety of outdoor frames and literature stands and dispensers that supplement your flags and banners. Each literature box has an enclosed design that keeps all the important documents safe from the environment. In addition, the outdoor frames have a rubber lining that prevents excessive moisture from accumulating. Purchasing our outdoor banner flags opens a new world of marketing and endless opportunities for your business!

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