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              Retractable Banner Stands

              Economy Roll Up 24" - 48" Retractable Banner Stand


              Double-sided Economy Roll Up - Retractable Banner Stand


              Slim Roll Up - Retractable Banner Stand


              Luxury Roll Up - Retractable Banner Stand


              Economy Roll Up 33" Retractable Banner Stand


              A quick and easy way to display your brand the Retractable Banner

              Locus offers a wide range of attractive, affordable and highly efficient Retractable Banner Stands that compliment your trade show displays, and entice and attract curious passersby to your booth. Traditional Banner Stands have always been in demand. We have integrated the traditional pull up banner stands with modern manufacturing standards to design a series of lightweight, affordable, attractive and long-lasting solutions for all your trade show banners. With state-of-the-art Velcro fitting, the banner stands superimpose your tension fabric or vinyl banner onto an aluminum base. This makes it ideal as both, a tension fabric, as well as a vinyl banner stand.

              The rollup banner stands offer an easy-to-install structure that is lightweight and durable. It can easily pull up your banner and display it in an eye-catching manner. At any event, just pull up the banner, and event attendees are bound to notice your trade show booth. For added aristocracy, we offer Luxury Banner Stands. Their sleek and innovative design, combined with improved economic life, makes them the ideal choice for businesses seeking maximum publicity for their brands. Whether used at trade shows, exhibitions, business outlets, presentations, weddings, social events, restaurants, recreational parks, shops or even on the side walks, the economy banner stands are built for lasting results. They allow you to pair up your banner with small add-ons, such as literature holders, for added publicity.

              Exceptionally strong, unbelievably lightweight and offered with a hard case for storage and transportability, these banner stands are distinct among other advertising tactics and are an eye-candy for customers and passersby due to their creative design. With their low costs, they can substantially save up on your advertising budget. All of our banner stands are customized to hold banners of varying lengths. They are essentially 24’ to 60’ wide banner stands, but can be adjusted to hold banners of greater or smaller lengths. In addition, these adjustable height banner stands come with additional aluminum poles to add extra strength to your banners and prevent the structure from collapsing from strong winds. We offer double-sided banner stands that allow you to zip, nail or Velcro-fit your banner on either sides of the stand and allow maximum brand publicity. All our stands come with an additional plastic hard case for dismantling, storage and transportability purposes. High quality dye sublimation feature gives you access to limitless creativity and high quality printing. Combine them with our banner stands, and your business can acquire the highest number of customers with minimal efforts and a one-time investment.

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