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Velcro Popup Stand - Bringing Portability to Your Tradeshows!

on May 18, 2015

For every business, combining portability with their tradeshow display remains a major challenge. Whilst the fabric material for backwall and tradeshow booths is washable, wrinkle free and reusable, the structure itself cannot be moved so easily. The situation becomes even more difficult when using a 20ft backwall with a curved or ached design. Hence, there are always costs involved with dismantling (often relying on a specialist for the job), and risks associated with storing and transporting the structure. With the help of a Velcro Popup Stand, you can easily set up, dismantle and relocate your tradeshow backwall on your own. The popup stand is manufactured using high quality aluminum poles. This adds extra strength and support to the backwall. The structure is collapsible and can easily be packed and transported in a hard case. Here’s what it offers:

Unlimited Support

The Velcro popup stand is known for its strength and durability. This is why it is one of the most in-demand support structures for backwall designing and is one of Locus highest selling products. It offers thicker and sturdier ABS square parts that will crack or break down under normal room temperature. With a diameter of 17mm and thickness up to 1.1mm, the popup stand is lightweight, long-lasting and able to withstand strong winds without collapsing.

Ease of Installation

Compared to any other structure, the Velcro Popup Stand is easier to install and display. The connecting parts can easily be pulled over the cover, resulting in more stable joints. The setup can also be adjusted with ease, with respect to the height of the backwall. Be it a 10ft, 20ft, straight, curved, arched or any other design and shape, the popup stand can support it.

More Add-ons

The defining characteristic of the popup stand is its ability to support as many add-ons as you desire. The Velcro-fitting for a banner hardly takes a minute. A lamp socket can also be attached on any square fitting. The structure is further designed to support a large LCD screen. This allows you to install limitless add-ons on your backwall, without draining your budget on installation costs, and stand out among all your competitors at any tradeshow!

Better Results

The popup stand has a unique and purpose-built design that allows it to provide better results for backwall displays at all tradeshow events. This allows you to showcase your brand, without worrying about setup and dismantling costs. Some of the most prominent features include:
Plastic Cover: The popup stand offers a unique plastic cover. Compared to the traditional wire hooks, the plastic cover makes the structure easier to assemble, dismantle and store.

Lamp Socket: The traditional clip feature in other popup stands is inconvenient when it comes to installing lights. The Velcro Popup Stand offers lamp sockets at every ABS junction. This allows quick and easy setting up of LED lights.

Wrinkle-Free Display: The Velcro Popup Stand allows you to display your tension fabric backwall without any wrinkles. The fabric adheres to the stand with the perfect fitting.

Locus offers Velcro Popup Stands at very affordable prices that are customized to meet the marketing needs of a wide variety of businesses. These popup stands offer the best brand display, durability and portability for your tradeshows.