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Tradefest: a Tripadvisor for summits, expos, conferences and trade shows

on October 26, 2020

In the age of digital, discovering events or getting feedback shouldn’t be such a difficult and time-consuming task. It’s clear that we should expect more.

Tradefest is a platform that empowers marketing and communication teams to successfully plan and execute their event marketing strategy, allowing them to browse thousands of events and reviews from verified professionals to find the best trade shows and conferences in their industry.

Exhibiting companies miss valuable opportunities on trade shows, expos or new business event formats they haven’t heard of as well as failing to optimize time and money correctly on the regular trade shows they attend year in year out.

Almost all attendees, exhibitors and organizers we have met agreed that, in the events industry, the voice of the customer needed a new space to express itself. Tradefest answers this need by answering 3 crucial questions.

How to estimate the potential of a trade show, conference, expo or summit?

On any events page you can browse it’s different editions, browse the reviews and observe the evolution of it’s overall score year after year. Studying these trends will allow you to understand the lifespan of the event, trade show or expo see what people are saying about it and therefore gauge whether it’s an event on the rise or on the wane.

How to compare the best events in my industry?

Trying to compile a list of the best events globally in any given sector is time consuming, keeping it up to date year after year is daunting. Luckily, Tradefest does this for you, therefore, it’s one less research you'll need to worry about.

What events are other people in my industry attending?

Inside Tradefest you can see what events users are attending. Apart from the search engine and review features in the platform this is yet another way to ensure quality control in the events you exhibit at or attend.

Word of mouth, primary source of information

Before exhibiting at a new event we’ll never know for sure if it will bring business. This is why word of mouth is a crucial factor in determining whether to exhibit or not. A previous exhibitor is a promoter or a detractor based on experience. What’s the first step for a marketing manager when they discover a new trade show or expo? Go to their network, speak to partners, other marketing managers, former colleagues: ‘What was your experience last year? Were the attendees qualitative?’ Did you do much business off the back of it?

By Joe Cochrane, co-founder of Tradefest.

He has 10 years of experience in international sales in multiple industries using trade fairs, conferences and event sponsorship to expand internationally. Most recently he was head of business for an international digital startup (120 employees) in the UK and Nordics where the idea for Tradefest was born.