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The Benefits of Using the Right Frame

on May 01, 2015

When designing the perfect backwall for your tradeshow display, the frame structure and material is as important as the fabric and the design innovations chosen. Unless the frame is well-integrated to support the tension fabric or polyester fabric, the resulting backwall will have uneven edges and a wrinkly display and will take hours to assemble and dismantle. Locus Displays offers a wide variety of standard and customized frames for all your banners, flags and backwalls. These frames not only provide a wrinkle-free display, but also provide extra strength and durability – making your backwall easy to install, transportable and reusable. Laced with a high quality tension fabric or stretchable polyester fabric, this is one of the most innovative and affordable advertising tool that guarantees lead generation and conversion.

Here’s how our frames serve your business purpose:

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles!

At any tradeshow display, the last thing you’d want your event attendees to see is a large tension fabric backwall with ugly wrinkles, uneven fitting and sagging fabric along the edges. A low quality frame ticks everyone off and is one of the first things your customers will notice. With high quality stainless steel frames, you can easily stretch the fabric across the backwall. It allows the fabric to hem around the borders and produces a unique, wrinkle-free display. Stainless steel frames are also known for their endurance and strength.

Better Display

Since your frame is well-designed to handle your backwall fabric, why not experiment with creativity and make the most out of it? An integrated frame allows you to easily display both sides of the fabric at any tradeshow display or other marketing events. It also enables you to utilize a joint position printing technique that offers a unique display and sets your tradeshow booth apart from all the other competitors.

High Quality Fabrics

With a customized steel or aluminum frame, you can use an equally high quality tension fabric, vinyl banner or a stretchable polyester fabric. The material of your choice can easily be Velcro-fitted onto the base to create a backwall that is fireproof, waterproof and UV-resistant. In addition, the backwall is also lightweight, eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly. The material is washable and can be reused at any subsequent event.


In terms of affordability, Locus Displays is light years ahead of the other competing brands. All the frames are reasonably priced and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. High quality dye sublimation paves way to limitless creativity, allowing you to create your business logo, graphics, pictures, designs and any other particulars without exhausting your marketing and advertising budget.

More Add-ons

With the best manufacturing standards, Locus Displays’ frames allow several add-ons to be applied. This includes an LCD screen, multiple LED lights, catalogue holder and any other add-on as per client’s request. Rather than pins, these frames use ABS joints for holding the screen and the lights in their correct position. In addition, a plastic hard case and roller bag is offered to easily store and transport the banner and the frame.

With Locus the solution to all your tradeshow display and customer retention needs is just a few clicks away!