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Tension Fabric Backwalls for Marketers, Brand Managers, and Exhibitors

on July 14, 2015

Tension fabric backwalls are great tools for marketers, brand managers, and exhibitors who are want to have their product or company noticed in a unique way by their target audience. This particular backwall is extremely effective when attempting to capture the public eye and gives your company an upper hand in comparison with others.

If you are looking to purchase a tension fabric backwall, display booth, advertising banner or want to learn more about our options, call Locus Print today at (888) 315-9028.

The Tension Fabric backwall displays have a variety of attributes that make it desirable for marketers, brand managers, exhibitors and more. These displays are affordable, lightweight, portable, high quality, printed with high resolution and more!

Back walls includes an aluminum frame which make your display quick and simple to set up. This type of display can be set up in minutes, the accordion style allows you to effortlessly expand the display and attach the panels and graphics. Graphics can always be changed or switched as needed and the best part about these displays is that they don’t require the use of tools!

At Locus Print we offer a variety of tension fabric backwalls some selections include:

Straight 10ft Tension Fabric Display Backwall

  • • High resolution printing
  • • Portable
  • • Easy to assemble
  • • Durable and lightweight
  • • Reusable material
  • • Available in a variety of shapes


Horizontal Curved 10ft Tension Fabric Display Backwall

  • • High resolution display
  • • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • • Lightweight structure
  • • Easy installation
  • • Cost-efficient
  • • Reliable and durable


S Curved 10ft Tension Fabric Display Backwall

  • • Cost- effective
  • • Portable and durable
  • • Easy to assemble
  • • Lightweight structure
  • • Good for events and functions


Tension fabric display backwalls offered at Locus Print are customized and prepared to meet your needs directly. We want to ensure that the large variety of innovative and custom printed tension fabric backwalls we provide, display your business and convey your brand message with the greatest impact possible.

If you are interested in purchasing a customized Tension Fabric Display Backwall with Locus Print call us at (888) 315-9028 or visit us online to see what we have to offer today!