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Spice Up Your Booth With A Fitted Fabric Table Throw

on August 08, 2015

Do you need help spicing up your booth or table at your next trade show, event, or expo?

The answer is easy and, even better.. very affordable for all businesses: a fitted fabric table throw! Locus Print offers customizable fitted fabric table throws for low and competitive rates, and will be a great way to amp up the appeal of your table or booth at any and all events.

Want to read more about the fitted fabric table throws offered by Locus Print, as well as their endless pros? Read below and find out!

How Does The Fitted Fabric Table Throw Improve My Brand Recognition?

The fitted fabric table throw puts your brand and logo in the front and center of the events attention. Not only does it put your logo out there, it also adds a touch of beauty and professionalism to your table, booth, or office. No matter where you are utilizing your fitted fabric table throw, you can rest assured knowing that it is working with your brand to create brand recognition and awareness.

Affordability and Multiple Use Factor

The fitted fabric table throw from Locus Print offers canvas for your brand and brand logo, and is significantly more affordable than some other display options. The area covered by the fitted fabric table throw is sizeable, and is considered cost effective by businesses of all sizes.

Even more, the fitted table throw by Locus Print proves to be a worthy investment because it can be used over and over again. Reuse your table throw again and again, at any and all trade shows or events! The investment is not large, and as such, makes the fitted fabric throw a great option, especially for those who continually attend expos, shows, and events to promote their brand. Any event or location where you have a show table will put your fitted table throw to good use.

Is Locus Print Right For Your Fitted Fabric Table Throw?

You’ve decided that a draped fabric table throw is right for you, and are seeking a reliable custom display manufacturer for your order. Locus Print is the best in the industry for this type of work, and here’s why!

Locus Print offers custom printing using dye-sublimation. Our fitted fabric table throw can be washed, stored, transported, and reused as often as you please. Using high quality materials and tools, our products all promise endurance and strength against damage and wear and tear.

Your fitted fabric table throw will come in 100% polyester straight grain fabric, which will prove to be quite durable against all events.