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5 Reasons Why an Outdoor Tent is the Ultimate Marketing Tool

on May 19, 2015

For businesses, planning a marketing and advertising budget is a major hassle. Salesmen’s salaries and commissions are not the only overheads involved. Spending on innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is equally important. As businesses compete for the most impressive marketing ideas, gimmicks and props, they end up spending more than their budget. Needless to say, some marketing tactics work and some fail. So how can you strike a balance between saving up on your marketing budget while improving sales? The answer lies in a simple, impressive (and largely ignored) marketing tool: the use of outdoor tents. Traditionally used in camping and other outdoor expeditions, tents are now gaining popularity as savvy organizations explore new ways of marketing. A high quality fabric tent with a large business logo captures attention of all those around it.

Here are 5 reasons why tents make the ultimate marketing tool:


Compared to a tradeshow display and printing hundreds of sales brochures, tents are economical and budget friendly. Furthermore, the fabric material chosen, allows you to experiment with creativity through high quality dye sublimation. Their sheer size (up to 20ft) allows you to display your business logo with attractive pictures, texts and graphics that will surely capture the attention of all those passing by.


Tents are available in a variety of materials, ranging from tension fabric to vinyl to stretchable 100% polyester. While traditional vinyl makes for an impressive banner, tension fabric and stretchable polyester are a better option. They can easily be dyed, as per your specifications, and allow your brand name to spread out evenly throughout the tent. This makes them impossible to ignore.


Compared to banners and flags, tents are designed to withstand the test of time. Most of the tents contain oxford fabric which prevents water for seeping and soaking through. In addition, the polyester fabric is UV resistant and does not wrinkle. It is highly resistant to fire, dirt and all other environmental pollutants. This makes it long-lasting. Set up a tent once and you need not worry about cleaning or maintenance costs. It proudly displays your brand name throughout its life.


Outdoor tents for marketing are even easier to setup than traditional camping tents. With aluminum flag poles, the tent is strong, sturdy and considerably lightweight. The 1.6mm of thickness for each tent pole allows the structure to endure temperatures as low as -25C. The poles are also immune to rust. With a simple DIY guide, offered by Locus Displays, you can easily setup an outdoor tent without any technical or specialist assistance.

Carriage & Add-ons

Outdoor tents are easy to assemble and dismantle. Simply unscrew the tent poles’ connecting terminals and its portable. Quality brands, such as Locus Displays, offer an additional plastic hard case and a trolley bag to store the tent poles and the fabric respectively. This ensures easy storage and transportability (via road, rail or ship) for your tent. Whether you’re participating in an outdoor event or not, setting up a high quality tent with your brand name is your gateway to unlimited publicity and marketing at a very affordable price range.