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Fantastic Banner Flags and Where to Find Them

on May 12, 2015

Consider the following scenario:
You’re a new business about to have a grand opening. You need something catchy – a uniquely shaped structure that offers a large display for you to showcase your logo. Since your business has not quite taken-off, you’re still tight on your advertisement budget and you do not want to compromise on maximizing your brand publicity. What would you do?

Now, consider another scenario:
You’re already a well-established business looking for new and innovative ways to stand out among your competitors at a tradeshow, exhibition, outdoor event or a conference. You’ve already invested a lot in your backwall, tradeshow booth and catalogue holder, but looking for something more to add a unique, finishing touch to your stall. What should you add?

The simple solution to both these scenarios involves using a banner flag. With their distinctive designs, sturdy structures, high quality fabric materials and affordable price tags, banner flags offer the perfect marketing tool. Be it any event, they display your business name in a large, conspicuous, attractive and impossible-to-ignore manner. Here’s a look at three of the most trending banner flags these days:

Concave Flags

Available in up to three different sizes, concave flags are known for their uniqueness. Their blade-like design stands out among a wide array of regular, rectangular flags at any event. A typical concave flag involves a high quality tension fabric or 100% stretchable polyester material Velcro-fitted over an aluminum knife-like structure. This gives the concave flag an innovative edge over all other types of flags.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these flags are lightweight, durable and can easily be transported from one location to another. Offered exclusively at Locus Displays, concave flags take marketing and brand publicity to another level.

Teardrop Shaped Flags

If there ever was a limit to creativity, then teardrop shaped flags have certainly crossed it. Reliable, affordable and curved to perfection, teardrop shaped flags have a structure somewhat similar to teardrops – a round top portion that funnels down into a single point. In addition to their artistic outlook, teardrop flags offer added space for brand display. At Locus Displays, you can easily dye sublime a high quality tension fabric into designs, colors and graphics of your liking and have it crafted into a teardrop shaped flag. The product is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to making a statement at any tradeshow exhibition or other indoor/outdoor event.

Rectangular Flags

Rectangular flags are known for providing the maximum space for printing your logo, as well as for their professional look. Stretchable polyester fabric allows you to display your business and brand name in a legible and conspicuous manner, without draining your budget. With Locus you can easily set up a high quality custom rectangular flags and attract even the most reluctant passersby to your tradeshow booth.

Setting up a banner flag is one of the most simple, DIY marketing tools. With a strong aluminum flagpole, Locus banner flags are built for lasting results and easy transportability.